restoration in a fire forest: The benefits of burning

Wildfire has historically played an important role in the health and structure of Oregon's dry forests. Prescribed fire is a valuable tool used to restore forest health, increase firefighter safety, and better protect nearby human resources in these fire-adapted landscapes.

just ollie

Meet Ollie: A spunky 4 year old who loves his family, playing baseball and riding his bike. And, Ollie has a limb difference. But that doesn't slow him down one bit. With the help of his father who is a prosthetist, and Dr Albert Chi, a trauma surgeon at Oregon Health & Science University who is focused on producing ground breaking prosthetics solutions, Ollie has direct access to experienced professionals with a wide range of knowledge and tools to their disposal. But for Ollie, he's learning how to take on the world with or without his 'robot hand.'

Whychus-Deschutes: Wild and Free

At the confluence of Whychus Creek and Deschutes River, just a short drive from Bend, Oregon there is a stunning wilderness. Oregon Natural Desert Association is working towards gaining permanent protection for these public lands.


Meet Megan Walsh and Skye Nacel. They are not a pair you meet every day. They live in a tiny house tucked away in the woods and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. The space is small but the outside is big, giving them room to play – including mountain bike trails right out of their front door. Their lifestyle may not be for everyone, but for them, it's an adventure for sure.

Women in stem – Youth outreach

How women at the University of Oregon support each other as minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to promote diversity and foster the next generation of women in STEM.

Women in stem – PALEONTOLOGIST

Dana Reuter has had a fascination with the natural world since she was a kid, so it’s no surprise that curiosity led her to study paleontology at the graduate level. Reuter also leads youth outreach programs as part of the Women in Graduate Science group at the University of Oregon to teach and encourage STEM education for young girls – fostering the next generation of women in STEM. This video is a condensed version of the above video to highlight one particular scientist.

a grand adventure

Dave Childers, a kayak guide for the city of Eugene, Oregon shares a story about rafting through the Grand Canyon and learning when not to push your limits.